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The Mover Platform


We believe that football transfers should be more accessible and inclusive. Our vision is to change the game by empowering fans to participate in player transfers, connecting players and their agents with clubs, and helping clubs find the right talent.


Find the next big football star! Mover allows you to scout players and propose transfers to clubs. Be part of our exclusive community, share scouting fees, earn rewards, and interact with players.


    The player‘s profile will only be shared with a club if the transfer proposal is fully funded. If the funding target is not reached, all funds will be returned to backers.

    Back the transfer to acquire a share of a scouting fee if a club signs a player.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can participate on Mover?Love football and have a passion for finding talented players? ✨⚽️🌍 Then Mover is the place for you! 🤝 We make the football transfer market more open and accessible to everyone involved, including fans, aspiring scouts, and industry professionals. Mover offers a unique and inclusive community for you to explore. 🔎 And as you contribute to the community, you'll earn recognition and rewards, build your reputation, and rise to the top as a respected football scout. 😍
    What's in it for me?Experiencing football and the business behind it, up close and personal, is a satisfying hobby all on its own ... But clubs and players also offer rewards for Mover scouts who propose the transfers. Scouting can make you recognized globally by clubs, and get you exclusive rewards and privileged access to players and clubs. 🔥 Last but not least, backing the transfers can even bring substantial monetary rewards! 💰 💰💰
    How to participate?1️⃣ Identify players that make a perfect match for the needs of one of the clubs on the Mover platform. 2️⃣ Back the transfer by spending tokens and acquiring a share of a scouting fee. 3️⃣ Help reach the target amount of support. When successful, Mover will submit the player's scouting report to the club's managers. 4️⃣ Keep an eye out for your portfolio and for the new transfer opportunities. We are adding more players and clubs to the platform. 💎 Watch your transfer portfolio grow and enjoy the rewards of successful football transfers you have proposed! 💚💚💚
    What if the transfer doesn't happen?The club scout that reviews a player's profile can decide not to sign a player in that transfer window. Each backer keeps the right to their part of a scouting fee if the proposed transfer occurs anytime in the next 2 years, meaning there will still be chances in the future transfer windows 💡. But it is reasonable to expect that many transfer proposals will also fail. If that happens, the invested tokens or money will not be returned. ⚠️ We suggest that you carefully consider the player-club pairs you decide to back, taking into account the player's performance, the club's needs, and other relevant factors! 🧪 By doing so, you will increase your chances of profiting from successful transfers. 📈
    This is something completely new - is this a serious thing?🚀Yes, we're serious!🚀 Mover is shaking up the traditional football transfer market by bringing the power of the crowd to the table. With your involvement, we're creating a community of online football scouts who will help clubs, players, and agents. Everybody on the transfer market will benefit from Mover as we, the fans, can participate, get rewarded, and have fun. So why not be a part of this exciting revolution? 💪 Join the Mover community today and help shape the future of football transfers!💥⚽️

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    Naložbo sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska Unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj

    MOVER platforma za množično financiranje prestopov športnikov.
    Naš cilj je omogočiti nogometnim navdušencem postati agenti kar iz domačega naslonjača, klubom angažiranje navijačev in boljše obvladovanje nogometne tržnice, igralcem in agentom pa več priložnosti za dokazovanje klubom. Za ta namen smo vzpostavili spletno in mobilno platformo, na kateri lahko navijači priporočijo izbrane igralce določenemu nogometnemu klubu.